The brand strategy is the foundation of your spa’s look, feel and talk. After a careful analysis of your market conditions (e.g. competition, location, target profile, etc.), we start to create your spa’s image by “giving life to your brand “, treating it as a “living” person. In other words, your spa should have: its own story that anchors customers around something important in their personal world, a compelling purpose, a big idea that stands out from the crowd and really matters to people, strong core values that attract your target customers, building preference & loyalty, encouraging advocacy, an aspirational personality that makes your customers get inspired and feel like “this is my kind of spa”.


  • Since your website acts as an “online business card”, its design and content will mirror your brand’s philosophy, identity and personality, being focused on giving your visitors a glimpse of your brand experience.
  • your spa’s website can also include a functional element: a booking engine that allows the reservation department to be more efficient.
  • your spa’s website can be mobile optimized for smartphones & tablets

Firstly, we analyze in depth your specific marketing goals (e.g. spa launch, brand memorability, boosting spa visibility, increasing sales, seasonal/special offers campaigns, etc.). Then, we gather together all our creative skills to build a complex communication strategy that shapes a memorable and buzzworthy creative concept whose message is coherent on all media platforms (TV, online, print, radio) and relevant to your target’s needs and aspirations.


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